Healthy Skin Care – What Works and What Doesn’t

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin and you can get these results by using healthy skin care creams and lotions. But did you know there are skin creams and lotions that actually damage your skin over time? The difference between skin care products which encourage your skin to look and feel good and those which fail to deliver on their promises is all in the ingredients.

Healthy skin care is natural skin care. Would you deliberately rub harsh or abrasive chemicals into your face? Of course not, but so many people do this twice a day unknowingly! You might find it hard to believe that a lot of skin care creams contain dangerous ingredients but it is completely true.

If you want a healthy skin, you need to know which ingredients to avoid at all costs. Here are a few of the worst ones:

Mineral oil is doubly dangerous because it sounds so innocent and you might assume it is a natural oil. However, this ingredient which might also be listed as paraffin wax, petrolatum or liquid paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum and is very bad for your skin. It is also cheap, which is why it appears in so many skin creams.

Mineral oil clogs the pores, trapping toxins inside and making it impossible for your skin to breathe. This can lead to skin rashes, blackheads or pimples. Your skin will stop producing natural oils and it will chap and look flaky. Mineral oil can make you look older and can destroy previously healthy skin!

Dioxane is another bad ingredient which is not found in healthy skin care creams. It used to be derived from coconut shells but is now produced synthetically. Dioxane is a known carcinogen and when you apply it to your face, it passes through your pores into your bloodstream.

Fragrances and colors are completely unnecessary in skin care creams. Many different chemicals can be listed simply as “fragrance” on the label and a lot of them are toxic or carcinogenic. A little spray of fragrance on your wrists will keep you smelling fresh but rubbing a carcinogenic product over your face or, in the form of body lotion, over your whole body, is not a good idea.

Healthy skin care products do not contain parabens either. Butyl, ethyl paraben, propyl and methyl are other names for parabens and they are banned in a lot of countries.

Parabens, which work as a preservative, have been linked to cancer. They can cause irritation and allergies and they have been proven to hinder the endocrine system.

Alcohol is not something that leads to a healthy skin either. Alcohol might be listed on the label as SD alcohol, ethanol, methanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or benzyl alcohol. They cause irritation and dryness because they strip the natural oils from the skin, making it more vulnerable to infection.

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